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"You must be wondering what I expect him to learn while in your care. I’ve given it a lot of thought, and if you can get to half of it I will owe you a debt that I won’t really ever be able to repay.

I’d like him to end the year a little kinder, a little more courageous, and a little more compassionate. He’s doing great now, but I know what type of competitive environment he’s headed into, and I know what that can do to people. There’s no need for him to come home crying because he can’t read as fast as the kid next to him.

It would also be incredible if, in the course of all that competition, he learns perseverance, impulse control, resiliency, and how to think about thinking. I believe these skills and capacities will get him far in life, regardless of how good he is at trigonometry later.

Most importantly, I need him to leave your classroom loving to learn. If that is all he walks away with, then you will have been successful, and I will sing your praises.”


Let’s get this out of the way: Not everyone needsto learn how to code. Coding is just one part of the constantly evolving technological landscape. 

There’s a big difference between learning how to code and having a fundamental understanding of how technology and software operate. Of the two, the latter is way more important for most people.



truebluemeandyouHow to Answer the Top 35 Asked Interview Questions. Reblogging one of my most popular posts with clearer images. Go to the link for the highest resolution.

How to Answer the Top 35 Asked Interview Questions from The Undercover Recruiter here. Posted for friends looking for jobs this summer. Unfortunately you may also be asked illegal questions and these are two pretty good articles here and here.

I ask 1, 2, 7, 18/32, and 31 out of these. (And if need be, 3, 11, and 12). All I can say is that the answers are pretty spot on.  

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